Shrubs, Trees, Plants, & Bulbs

NorthShire Inc. offers a variety of ways to add color, beauty, and privacy to any and all landscapes.  We offer services from spring through fall including planting annuals in May and Mums in September.  We plant bulbs in the fall for those beautiful, early rising tulips you'll see first thing as the snow melts, and we plant shrubs and trees all year round.  

While these services are great by themselves, combining these with some of our other services such as a new lawn, bark mulch, or landscape lighting is when something truly spectacular happens.

So, whether you have a whole new yard you need to have professionally landscaped, a yard that needs to be totally overhauled, or just a small section requiring a new shrub/tree or just a little color, NorthShire Inc. can help you out with that.  We have the knowledge and expertise to design and properly implement many types of trees, shrubs, plants, and bulbs from local growers and nurseries into your specific landscape.  All of our shrubs and trees come with a 1 year warranty1


1. Warranty only valid with NorthShire Inc. approved irrigation system and on fresh product.  Warranty not valid on discount product, transplanted product, product not purchased by NorthShire Inc., and in any area where growing is not recommended. Warranty voided with any change to existing landscape at date of shrub or tree install including but not limited to tree removal, building addition or removal (changing sun/shade patterns),